Bag Line Faience – Model “Vite Verde”

This bag is produced in full in Faenza, thanks to the union of two skillful craft enterprises operating in the sectors of leather goods and ceramics.
The leather used is of bovine italian and for the implementation of these grants is used the most prized part of the hide the “full bloom”, which allows to keep the characteristics of the surface, the veining and the softness.
Faenza is the city known throughout the world for its ceramics, and is from the desire to propose a leather bag made in Italy and embellished by a tile made of ceramic, hand-decorated one by one, who was born the bag “Model VITE VERDE”.
Some information on tile ceramic with the decoration said of the “VITE VERDE”.
The decoration “VITE VERDE” develops at the end of the XVIII century.
The vine leaf is the dominant motif present in Faenza majolica of the late eighteenth century, many of which produced in the famous Factory Ferniani.
The reason was mainly engaged in table services by tea, coffee and chocolate of neoclassical style.
The color faded green, with finishing in manganese on bottom berrettino, gives the individual pieces the unmistakable delicacy typical of an era of great creativity in the city of Faenza.